Exemples de projets de l'UMR IATE

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L'UMR IATE collabore avec de nombreux partenaires dans le cadre de projets nationaux ou internationaux.

  • NextGenPack


    Next generation of advanced active and intelligent bio-based packaging for food
    NextGenPack is an integrated trans-disciplinary and requirement-driven project able to design concepts of active, intelligent and sustainable food packaging materials to support the development of innovative eco-friendly packaging technologies for convenience food, fresh food and minimally processed food. The objective is to fit the functional, cost, safety and environmental impact requirements of the targeted food by developing bio-molecule-based solutions.

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    Composition, dynamique des gaz et optimisation de la protection des denrées dans les emballages sous atmosphère modifiée

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    Matériaux composites bio-sourcés performants

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  • MetaGlyc 2

    MetaGlyc 2 Collaborative Project: Bio-and chemo-catalyzed pathways to functionalized glycerol derivatives

    The MetaGlyc 2 project is developing new ways of obtaining glycerol derivatives by chemical catalysis and biocatalysis. The project specifically targets the conversion of glycerol to molecules such as diglycerin, diglycerin derivatives, oxidation products such as glyceric acid and new metabolites such as the amino alcohol serinol. Another focus of the joint project is the biocatalytic transesterification of natural plant oils using engineered lipases with improved acyltransferase activity.

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  • Novinpack®


    Eco-conception d'un emballage innovant pour les vins de qualité

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  • SafeFoodPack Design

    Safe Food Pack Design

    Computer-aided design of safe food plastic packaging

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  • High Tech Europe

    High Tech Europe

    Here you can find the latest findings from biotechnology, nanotechnology and information & communication technology made available for novel strategies in food production.

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  • Agrobiofilm


    Development of enhanced biodegradable films for agricultural activities
    Agrobiofilm project (FP7 Research for SME’s) aims to develop a new generation of biodegradable mulch films tailored for specific short, medium and long-term crops (vineyards, muskmelons, sweet peppers, strawberries), and different regions (Spain Portugal, France). For this purpose, the new mulch film should meet the dual technical challenge of (i) full mechanical resistance during crop cultivation that is a particular issue for longer cycle crops such as vineyard, and (ii) biodegradation i.e. degradation and full soil absorption before a subsequent crop is planted. To achieve this objective, new scientific knowledge should be generated i) in biodegradable formulations adapted to crops physiological requirements; ii) optimization of material processing with the aim to reduce energy costs; iii) influence of the new films on soil quality and total yields, and iv) integration of crop requirements with LCA results to evaluate wider applications potential. This project involves several end-users (SME) and research performers (RTD) located in Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Norway and France.

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