Microbiological and enzyme biotechnology of lipids and agropolymers


Last update: 13 July 2016

How can industrial biotechnology provide solutions to sustainable chemistry for the transformation or production of valuable compounds in complex reaction systems ?


  • Knowledge acquisition for the synthesis of plant lipids, polyphenols and polymer derivatives, and for the adjustment of their physical, chemical or biological properties
  • Selection, study, improvement and use of plant and microbial enzymes, optimized for reactions in green solvents, mainly water
  • Conception and intensification of biocatalytic and chemo-enzymatic processes for the bioconversion of biomass in heterogeneous media

Keywords : Agroressources – Plant and microbial enzymes – Microorganisms – Lipids  – Phenolic compounds - Polyphenols - Hydrophobic polymers  – Structuration  – Functionalization  – Multiphase heterogeneous media  – Biocatalytic processes - Bioprocess intensification

Last update: 13 July 2016

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