Transmat: mass transfers and reactions in food/packaging systems


Last update: 24 April 2012

To provide knowledge, tools, and integrated approach by combining material science (structuring and mass transfers) and food science (transfer and reactions)

Beside mechanical protection, the main role of packaging is to control transfers of gases (mainly oxygen and carbon dioxide) and vapours (moisture, aroma compounds etc.) involved in food degradation (physico-chemical, physiological and microbiological) as well as the migration of potential toxic packaging constituents.

Research activities rely on understanding and modelling relationships between structure and mass transfer properties of materials, on one hand, and between mass transfer properties and food degradation, on the other hand. Knowledge from this work permit to:

  • elaborate innovative and advanced composite materials from renewable resources and biodegradable
  • provide predicting tools and decision support systems based on a reverse engineering approach starting from food requirements and ending with material structure and formulation

The objective is to bring next generation of food packaging solutions by enabling customisation of the packaging’s properties to fit requirements of targeted foods, consumers (safety), and industries (cost), with low environmental impact. 

Last update: 24 April 2012

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