Agro-resources fractionation; structural and physico-chemical basis; grinding, extraction and separation processes


Last update: 15 December 2016

Fractionation processes which proceed by raw matter size reduction and separation appear as a critical step in the control of composition and properties of the obtained fractions for food or non-food applications.

The team is involved in the better understanding and the modelling of dry fractionation of agro-resources, mainly applied to cereal grains and lignocellulosic material. The developed approaches combine structural and physico-chemical analyses, mechanical characterisation, and technological investigations.

This multidisciplinary vision allows the researchers to investigate in a large field of process, products and applications.

New processes such as physical, chemical, or enzymatic pre-treatments, ultra fine grinding, and electrostatic separation... have been developed in order to:

  • obtain products with controlled biochemical composition and physical properties ;
  • controle the process energy spending
  • develop new products.

Last update: 15 December 2016

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