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JRU IATE collaborates with a large number of partners in national and international projects.

  • GreeProtein

    GreenProtein, revalorisation of vegetable processing industry remnants into high-value functional proteins and other food ingredients.

    The general objective of the GreenProtein project, that will gather 9 different European partners during 4,5 years, is to establish a demo plant for the extraction and purification of functional RuBisCo protein isolate at industrial scale. GreenProtein will demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of the revalorisation of green residues from existing agroindustry.

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  • ANR RUBBex

    RUBBex : From rubber particles of hevea latex to Natural Rubber structure and properties: towards optimizing the performances of Natural Rubber

    Natural Rubber (NR) exhibits very specific properties (low heat build-up, crystallization under strain, etc.) never mimicked by synthetic rubbers. However, NR presents important drawbacks : non consistency of its properties and a structuration dynamics that is still not fully understood.The RUBBex project aims to study and identify the main biochemical components and the mechanisms involved in the structuration of NR in order to optimize its performances.

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    Traditional Food Network to improve the transfer of knowledge for innovation

    TRAFOON means a concentrated effort to reverse the trend of losing century-old recipes and traditional food products to preserve a diverse, healthy and tasty diet for the European citizens and to secure the income of traditional food producing SMEs.Within the project, an EU-wide network of shall be established with the aim to secure the knowledge transfer and implementation of already existing innovations regarding traditional foods to SMEs.

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  • StockActif


    Stockage actif de la biomasse pour faciliter sa transformation industrielle

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  • Qualinca


    Qualinca is a ANR Contint funded research project looking at developing mechanisms allowing to quantify the quality level of a bibliographical knowledge base, to improve the afore mentioned quality level, to maintain the quality when updating the knowledge base and to exploit the knowledge bases taking into account their quality levels. The project started in April 2012 and will end September 2015.

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    SPectroscopies for the Evaluation and ConTrol in Real time of biological cells physiological statE

    At the heart of bioprocesses the activity and the physiological state of microorganisms are variables still difficult to assess. Most of the information is obtained from delayed off-line measurements and remains insufficient for the development of real time control strategies to optimize the potential of micro-organisms and design high performance processes. On-line quantification of the physiological state of cells is thus paramount for the understanding and improvement of cell metabolism and thus to control pathways of interest.The main objective of SPECTRE is to develop an on-line system able to monitor the physiological state of microorganisms during fermentation or cell cultures.

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  • Logo EcoBioCap


    Ecoefficient Biodegradable Composite Advanced Packaging
    EcoBioCAP (FP7) will provide the EU food industry with customizable,ecoefficient, biodegradable packaging solutions with direct benefits both for the environment and EU consumers in terms of food quality and safety.

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  • NextGenPack


    Next generation of advanced active and intelligent bio-based packaging for food
    NextGenPack is an integrated trans-disciplinary and requirement-driven project able to design concepts of active, intelligent and sustainable food packaging materials to support the development of innovative eco-friendly packaging technologies for convenience food, fresh food and minimally processed food. The objective is to fit the functional, cost, safety and environmental impact requirements of the targeted food by developing bio-molecule-based solutions.

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    Innovation in packaging and modified atmospheres must meet the constraints that arise due to current trends in lifestyles and consumer behaviour. Food must be safe and the weight of packaging on energy costs and environmental impact must be reduced. However, research is sorely needed on the relationships between film type and modified atmospheres, food product and micro-organisms to gain the essential knowledge and data to optimise all the aspects of the system

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    Efficient bio-sourced composite materials

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