Structuration sous contraintes des agropolymères et réactivité des poudres


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Articles dans des revues internationales ou nationales avec comité de lecture répertoriées dans le WOS

- Wadeesirisak, K ; Sabine Castano; Karine Berthelot; Laurent Vaysse; Frédéric Bonfils; Frédéric Peruch; Kittipong  Rattanaporn; Siriluck Liengprayoon; Sophie Lecomte; Celine Bottier, 2017, Rubber particle proteins REF1 and SRPP1 interact differently with native lipids extracted from Hevea brasiliensis latex, BBA-Biomembranes, in press.

- Rolere, S Florian Démé, Jérôme Sainte-Beuve, Frédéric Bonfils, 2016, Influence of mastication on the structure of microgel present in Natural Rubber, Rubb Chem Technol, in press.

- Rolere, S., Chantal Cazevieille, Jérôme Sainte-Beuve, Frédéric Bonfils ; 2016, New insights on Natural Rubber microgel structure thanks to a new method for microaggregates extraction, Eur Polym J, 80, 117-125.

- Rolere, S; Bottier, C ; Vaysse, L; Sainte-Beuve, J ; Bonfils, F. 2016, Characterisation of macrogel composition from industrial natural rubber samples: influence of proteins on the macrogel crosslink density, Express Polymer Letter, 10(5), 408-419.

- Rolere, S. ; Char, C. ; Taulemesse, J. M. ; Bergeret, A. ; Sainte-Beuve, J. ; Bonfils, F. 2016, The majority of minerals present in natural rubber are associated with the macrogel: An ICP-MS and SEM/EDX investigation, J Appl Polym Sci, 133(9), 43062.

- de Oliveira Reis G., P Menut, F Bonfils, L Vaysse, Y Hemar, C Sanchez ; 2015, Acid-induced aggregation and gelation of natural rubber latex particles, Colloid Surface A, 482, 9-17.

- Rolere S., S Liengprayoon, L Vaysse, J Sainte-Beuve, F Bonfils, 2015, Investigating natural rubber composition with Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy: A rapid and non-destructive method to determine both protein and lipid contents simultaneously, Polym Test, 43, 83-93.

- Thepchalerm C., L Vaysse, S Wisunthorn, S Kiatkamjornwong, C Nakason, F Bonfils, 2015, The stability of lutoids in Hevea brasiliensis latex influences the storage hardening of natural rubber, J Rubb Res, 18(1), 17-26.

- Le Marec P.A. Laurent Ferry, Jean-Christophe Quantin, Jean-Charles Bénézet, Frédéric Bonfils, Stéphane Guilbert, Anne Bergeret; 2014, Influence of melt processing conditions on poly(lactic acid) degradation : molar mass distribution and crystallization, Polym Degrad Stabil, 110, 353-363.

- Thepchalerm  C; Wisunthorn, S, Vaysse, L, Kiatkamjornwong, S, Nakason, C, Bonfils, F; 2014, Mesostructure Evolution during Storage of Rubber Films from Washed Cream Latex and Skim Latex, Advanced Materials Research, 844, 417-420.

- Salomez  M; Subileau, M; Intapun, J; Bonfils, F; Sainte-Beuve, J; Vaysse, L; Dubreucq, E ; 2014, Microorganisms in latex and natural rubber coagula of Hevea brasiliensis and their impact on rubber composition, structure and properties, J Appl Microbiol, 17, 921-929.

-Liengprayoon S.,  J Chaiyut, K Sriroth, F Bonfils, J Sainte-Beuve, E Dubreucq, L Vaysse; 2013, Lipid compositions of latex and sheet rubber from Hevea brasiliensis depend on clonal origin, Eur J Lipid Sci Technol, 115, 1021-1031.

-Son, C-K,  Vaysse, L.,  Liengprayoon, S., Sriroth K. and Thanh-Mai, Le.2013 Acid adaptation for improvement of viability of Saccharomyces cerevisiae during freeze-drying.  International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 48(7), 1468-1473

- Wisunthorn S., Liengprayoon S., Vaysse L., Sainte Beuve J., Bonfils F. SEC-MALS study of dynamic structuring of natural rubber: Comparative study of two Hevea brasiliensis genotypes. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 124 (2): 1570-1577 (2012).

- Dupont D., Johansson A., Marchin S., Rolet-Repecaud O., Marchesseau S. Topography of the Casein Micelle Surface by Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Using a Selection of Specific Monoclonal Antibodies. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 59 (15): 8375-8384 (2011).

- Saad M., Gaiani C., Mullet M., Scher J., Cuq B. X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy for Wheat Powders: Measurement of Surface Chemical Composition. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 59 (5): 1527-1540 (2011).

-Martinez-Lopez A. L., Carvajal-Millan E., Lizardi-Mendoza J., Lopez-Franco Y. L., Rascon-Chu, A., Salas-Munoz E., Barron C., Micard V. The Peroxidase/H(2)O(2) System as a Free Radical-Generating Agent for Gelling Maize Bran Arabinoxylans: Rheological and Structural Properties. Molecules 16 (10) : 8410-8418 (2011).

- Auvergne R., Morel M. H., Menut P., Guilbert S., Robin J. J. The impact of bifunctional molecules on the gluten network during mixing. Reactive and functional polymers 71 (1): 70-79 (2011).

- Chevalier-Lucia D., Blayo C., Gracia-Julia A., Picart-Palmade L., Dumay E. Processing of phosphocasein dispersions by dynamic high pressure: Effects on the dispersion physico-chemical characteristics and the binding of alpha-tocopherol acetate to casein micelles. Innovative food science & emerging technologies 12 (4): 416-425 (2011).

- Sanchez C., Schmitt C., Kolodziejczyk E., Lapp A., Gaillard C., Renard D. The acacia gum arabinogalactan fraction is a thin oblate ellipsoid: A new model based on small-angle neutron scattering and ab initio calculation. Biophysical Journal 94(2): 629-639 (2008).

Communications avec actes dans un congrès international ou national

- Cuq B., Rondet E., Abecassis J. Food powders engineering, between knowhow and science: Constraints, stakes and opportunities. Proceedings of STPMF, Powder technology 208 (2): 244-251 (2011).

- Saad M. M., Barkouti A., Rondet E., Ruiz T., Cuq B. Study of agglomeration mechanisms of food powders: Application to durum wheat semolina. Proceedings of STPMF, Powder Technology 208 (2): 399-408 (2011).

- Petitot M., Barron C., Morel M. H., Micard V. Impact of Legume Flour Addition on Pasta Structure: Consequences on Its In Vitro Starch Digestibility. Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on DFCFS, Food Biophysics 5 (4): 284-299 (2010).

- Petitot M., Micard V. Legume-Fortified Pasta. Impact of Drying and Precooking Treatments on Pasta Structure and Inherent In Vitro Starch Digestibility. Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on DFCFS, Food Biophysics 5 (4): 309-320 (2010).

- Guilbert S., Morel M. H., Gontard N., Cuq B. Protein-based plastics and composites as smart green materialsProceedings of the 227th National Meeting of the ACS. Feedstocks for the future renewables for the production of chemicals and materials 921: 334-350 (2006).

Date de mise à jour : 8 décembre 2016

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