NoAW - Kickoff Meeting of the European-Chinese Research Innovation Action - Wednesday October 12, 2016 - Montpellier SupAgro/INRA Campus

NoAW (No Agricultural Waste) - Innovative approaches to turn agricultural waste into ecological and economic assets - Kickoff Meeting of the European-Chinese Research Innovation Action - Wednesday October 12, 2016 - Montpellier SupAgro/INRA Campus

Driven by a «zero-waste» society requirement, NoAW (NoAgriculturalWaste) is concerned with developing a circular economy approach applicable to agricultural wastes on a territorial and seasonal basis at different TRLs.
The NoAW project considers that mostly unavoidable and continuously generated agro-wastes biomass are a true resource. NoAW aims to pave the way for a sustainable agro-waste bio-refinery concept by shifting fromana-posteriori environmental assessment to an early eco-design approach.
NoAW intends to unlock the potential of agro-waste to be converted into a portfolio of eco-efficient products: bio-energy, bio-fertilizers, bio-packaging and bio-molecules, in symbiosis with urban waste conversion, and with out forgetting risks which emerge from circular management of agro-wastes.
NoAW is a European-Chinese Research Innovation Action coordinated by INRA and gathering 16 academic and 16 private partners, and focusing on targeted geographical case-studies such as Languedoc-Roussillon (France), Veneto (Italy), Bavaria (Germany), the Netherlands, Denmark, and also Serbia, Portugal, Switzerland and China.

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Program of the meeting :
 09:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee
 09:50 Welcome speech
 10:00 Introductive allocution, INRA’s CEO, France
 10:20 NoAW project presentation - N. Gontard, NoAW project coordinator, INRA, France
 10:40 Accelerate the transition to a circular economy – D. Walker, Ellen McArthur Fondation, UK
            The European circular economy strategy – I. Van borm, EC Officer, Brussels, Belgium
            Agrocyclefor a circular economy – S. Ward, Agrocycle project coordinator, Univ. College Dublin, Ireland
            Resource efficient food and drink for entire supply chain – H. Bos-Brouwers, Refresh scientific coordinator, Wageningen UR, NL
            Resources from urban bio-waste – M. Majone, Resurbis project coordinator, Univ. Roma, Italy
 13:00 Lunch
 15:00 Multi-stakeholders platform & perspectives on sustainable agro-wastes management - B. Schaer, Ecozept, Germany, WP1 leader
            Innovative design & assessment of circular agro-waste management strategies - U. Sonesson, SP, Sweden, WP2 leader
            Upgrading anaerobic digestion based agro-waste conversion & emerging technologies - D. Bolzonella, Innoven, Italy, WP3 leader
            Eco-design of bio-molecules & bio-materials throughcascadingagro-wasteconversion - A.M. Celli, Univ. Bologna, Italy, WP4 leader
            New business concept for cross-sectorvalorisationon aterritorial andseasonal basis - J. Broeze, WUR, DLO, Netherlands, WP5 leader
 16:15 Networking coffee break
 17:00 Knowledge Stake holders Platform roundtable
 18:30 Social Event

The meeting is organized by INRA Transfert:

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